Some time ago I wrote in an article that I would like to have a photo shoot. In a previous post you could read that I succeeded in fulfilling this dream, but I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results. Fortunately, a few months later, an opportunity came along that I couldn’t pass up.


It all started when Maggie wanted to organize a trans weekend in Warsaw. She is an amazing person with lots of energy and enthusiasm. I am extremely happy that I was able to meet her over the Internet and later in person. As for the weekend itself, my wife and I were determined that we wanted to go. I miss such events where I can be myself among wonderful people. The finishing of the house was going well, and we had no delays, so we could spend one weekend relaxing somewhere. There were two doubts, whether I wanted to have my makeup done by a professional and whether I wanted to have a photo shoot. The first one was also a dream of mine. I had dilemmas in my head all the time about whether it was worth spending quite big amount of money on it, but on the other hand, dreams don’t come true by themselves. When Maggie showed me the results of her photo shoot, I was impressed. In the end, my wife and I agreed that it would be my birthday present. Did I mention that I have such a wonderful woman by my side?


We arrived on Friday evening. The first day was supposed to be meet up with no outings. Maggie had arranged reservations at a small hotel she had visited earlier. The owner didn’t mind people like us. There was an initial stress, but Maggie greeted us in the parking and we headed to our room. There I dressed in nicer clothes, put on makeup and my wife and I went upstairs to socialize. Unfortunately, we always had to take our dog with us, we can’t leave him alone in the room. After crossing the door, we were greeted by a small group of people, most of whom I knew through the Internet. Unfortunately, my wife was the only one who was cisgender, so she might have felt alone, but as she told me later, she felt that she was a part of the group. The evening itself passed in a very pleasant atmosphere. We had a chance to finally meet each other in person, to talk. My wife and I felt natural, among our own. No one judged anyone. It was a typical house party with alcohol, snacks. If someone from the outside had dropped into the room, I’m sure they would have been surprised that despite the male voices, there were only women inside. I consider the integration as a success.

The second day and makeup

The makeup artist Oliwia and photographer Magda arrived the next day. In total, I think four or five other people decided to do the makeup, I was the second in line. I couldn’t wait, I wanted to see what a professional was able to do on my face. I wasn’t nervous, I was pretty calm, I had my loving wife by my side. When I was called in for my makeup, I was asked what style I was interested in, if I had a preference. I just said that I wanted a light makeup, and left the rest to Oliwia. The experience itself was wonderful, I always dreamed of this. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to see the whole process, because there was no mirror in front of me, but I did learn a few things. For example, that eyebrows are very important, that I need to depilate them better and that I have beautiful lips. And that I have thick hair on my head (and at the same time the very visible beard shadow, even after shaving). I liked very much the result. Experience makes a huge difference in this case. Oliwia did a great job. Although I have the impression that I manage to mask the shadow of the beard better. My wife wanted to see how Oliwia made my makeup, unfortunately she didn’t have time (she also wanted to beautify herself). However, she liked the effect too, she said that with such makeup she was not afraid to go out with me, I had a high pass (that is, how feminine I am in appearance).

Photo session

After makeup, it was the turn of the main event of the day, the photo shoot. I had barely taken a few pictures with my camera, and Magda the photographer knocked on the room. She brought her camera and light and began to prepare. I was given a contract to read, full professionalism. Then I showed my photos from Instagram and pointed out which ones I liked the most. Again, I had no idea or theme for the session. I relied on Magda. When I took on the role of a model, the camera worked constantly. There were various poses, the one on the bed lying down, another one standing by the window. There were a lot of them, and I didn’t get tired. I was enjoying every moment. I knew that now there would be better results, after all, and the makeup was good, and the photographer had more experience. I managed to take some photos with my wife, and I think I’m most satisfied with them. They will be for a private collection. Even the doggie got in one photo. Later we went upstairs to the corridor to take some photos. It was wonderful, one of the best birthday presents of my life (if not the best).


The makeup was still being done for the other girls. At that time we walked with my wife and doggie on a walk, unfortunately the weather was not encouraging and we quickly returned to the hotel. Other friends dropped by, the party was slowly getting underway. We were all beautifully dressed, made up. There were a few group photos, the owner of the hotel also caught on. The idea of going to a club was floated. I knew that my wife had to stay with the dog, I was still undecided whether I wanted to go with the girls. In the end I decided to stay, I’m not a fan of this type of outing, but I know that my friends had a great time. On the second day, after breakfast we went with my wife and the dog on the way back. I wondered for a while if I should leave my makeup on overnight (just my eyes), but I concluded that I didn’t need to be Sonia any more this weekend. I’ve had enough impressions.


The photos from the session came out wonderfully. I chose a dozen of them, I really like the ones with my wife. Theirs I probably won’t publish, but the other ones will definitely be here and on Instagram/Facebook. I evaluate the weekend itself very positively, we met new people, spent time in a friendly atmosphere, and I managed to fulfill my dreams. Thank you, Maggie, for organizing all this, it’s great to meet such people on my way!