Did I already mention that I’ve had a lot of photo shoots lately? There was another one in January. That is, the third one in a year. And I’m very happy with it.

Ginger and Tosia

Some time ago Tosia wrote to me, I don’t remember if it was two years ago or earlier. We talked very well over the Internet. It turned out that she is from the Tri-City area and that she also has a partner who accepts cross-dressing. We managed to arrange a live meeting, the four of us, to talk and exchange experiences on the subject. At the time we didn’t yet dare to be en femme, so we went to the pub as two, normal couples. And we spent a very pleasant evening talking and drinking beer. And that’s when Ginger first offered me a photo shoot. I, of course, agreed. The problem was that we couldn’t meet again.

And so almost a year passed, I think, in the meantime we talked a lot on Instagram, I helped them a little with the blog from the technical side (poDrugiejStronieSzafy.pl, I really recommend!). Finally, we were able to arrange a session, meaning that we would visit them in the evening.

I didn’t know what to expect, what to take with me. Tosia said I could take a few extra things, for example, heeled shoes, ballerinas, long gloves, tights in a different color. I was so excited. I put on a new gray dress, did my makeup, did my hair, my wife also beautified herself, and we set off. I remember that it snowed a lot that day, fortunately we were able to get there without any problems. It would have been funny to dig out the car in heeled boots.

At the door we were greeted by two, over-sympathetic people, Ginger and Tosia. Preparations for the shoot began shortly after we took off our coats. There were already prepared styles, I could see Ginger was in her element. A slight modification of my look, that is, I put on different shoes, dress and stood on a white background in front of the lens. Tosia set the mood, told me who I should be and handled the light, while Ginger snapped the photos. Both of them were constantly suggesting how I should position myself, what face to make. And behind them sat my wife, who watched it all with a smile on her face.

I really enjoyed this session. I was able to try on many dresses, see how I looked with a headscarf, with glasses and other accessories. Ginger was in control of everything, she had one styling after another in her head. I didn’t have to think about anything basically. It was wonderful.

After the session, they treated us with food and drinks, and we spent another nice evening talking, exchanging experiences. And I couldn’t wait for the final results. When I finally received the photos, I was very pleased. I even got a redhead one!

Thank you very much, Ginger and Tosia, for this wonderful experience. I hope there will be another opportunity to meet in the near future ;)