On a daily basis, I am a normal man (if such a definition even exists). I have a wonderful wife, go to work, meet with friends and family. I have various interests, such as sports or cars, but also gardening and tailoring. Essentially, I don’t stand out from the many other people one might meet in life.

However, from time to time, I indulge in another hobby and change my appearance and behavior. Sonia comes out, you could say: my alter ego, akin to Jekyll and Hyde. She is an integral part of me, inseparable. In essence, it’s still me, just my appearance changes.

I write about her in the third person because it’s more comfortable when describing my other nature. Fortunately, I don’t have any dissociative identity disorders or other such conditions. However, on this blog, I will write as Sonia, as it will be easier for me to “get into the mood.” I want to partly present what the life of a transvestite (an outdated term), crossdresser, or transgender person (the definitions vary) looks like, simply a man who likes female expression.

I hope that through my texts, I will be able to help someone, clarify the topic, and show that such people exist and harm no one. I warmly invite you to visit and read my blog.