Dreams come true. Sometimes they come by themselves, but more often you have to make an effort for them. However, it is not worth waiting, because it can take a lifetime before something nice comes along. You should do similar things, as I did last year.

The first session

With an account on Instagram you can have many benefits. In my case, it was an unexpected contact from a photographer. Last spring, a student from Krakow wrote to me with an offer to do a photo shoot. At first I was skeptical, because no one had contacted me about it before, and my photos on Insta were not excellent. After a short conversation, it turned out that this student is doing a thesis on crossdressers and would be willing to come even to the Tri-City. And I, dreaming of a photo shoot, agreed. Later it turned out that I was recommended by my friend, which I also met onn the Internet. It is good to have a lot of contacts.


We decided to meet on Saturday. He will come by train to Gdansk, we will pick him up from the station and together we will go to our apartment, where everything will happen. Of course I was nervous, after all I was going to meet a stranger. Fortunately, there was my wonderful wife at my side, who gave me big encouragement to do this. She knew how important it was for me. When he got into our car, it turned out that we didn’t have much time, because a few hours later he was going to be a photographer at a concert, and he wanted to do some preparation before. So I didn’t have much time to do a makeup and prepare stylisation. You’ll probably ask, why didn’t I go en femme to the train station? Because the student wanted to show the process, how I transform into a more beautiful version of myself, how I choose my clothes. Of course, he asked before if I’m ok with this. Not everyone is ok with this, making photos while doing makeup, which is perfectly normal. I didn’t say no to him, I’m not ashamed of myself, and it would be good to show a wider audience that I’m normal person, I have my own apartment, wife, life. Among other things, this is how we can get people used to cross-dressing.


The photographer was very friendly, open-minded. He asked if we had any ideas for the session. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything on my mind, after all it was my first session. We started with photos while I was choosing clothes. I was nervous at the beginning, but it passed quickly. I had my wife next to me, the camera did not overwhelm me. Yes, I wasn’t experience in posing and it was visible, but in the end the idea was to show our everyday life, not posed photos. Then I dressed in women’s clothes and it was time to do my makeup. Few photos were made also on this moment. It shows how my makeup differs fromthe one that women do. I need to hide a few flaws, such as the shadow of my beard and Adam’s apple, for example. Then I completed the look with jewelry, and my wife did my hair. They were already a longer, so she could do more with it. And we were able hear the sounds of the shutter in the background and my other half caught the session too. For me a photo of my wife doing my hair has a lot of power in it, it shows that she accepts me and supports me in this. And we are both happy.


I remember the session itself as an interesting experience. I was in the center of attention, the photographer was constantly taking pictures of me, prompting me a bit on how to position myself. Playing with the light, the lamps, he had to position them properly. When I needed to smile, all I had to do was to look at my wife and immediately happiness appeared on my face. She was also participating in few posed photos. There was a big contrast between us, as I was in my full makeup and she was all natural. Unfortunately, there was no time and space to do two makeups. The important thing is that we were happy together and our love was captured in the photos…


The session itself, as an experience, I remember very well. I learned a lot, I know where I need to pay bigger attention when doing makeup or posing. The photographer himself was also very cool, it was good to talk to him, the atmosphere was friendly. Unfortunately, the results of the session disappointed me a little. I don’t see the person I wanted to see. Now I know that it doesn’t work that way. A better camera and better light is not enough to suddenly become the woman of my dreams. Certainly the makeup for photo shoots needs to be different, stronger. Well, and it would be good to have more experience in posing. But I’m very glad that I decided to take this step, because as next posts will show, this was only a prelude to my career as a model…