That is, about how for New Year’s Eve I could not find myself a suitable outfit and with help came my dear wife.

The first New Year’s Eve as Sonia

I finally decided to be in my more beautiful version for this last day of the year. Before, there was never an opportunity, because we spent it with friends, or I just lacked the motivation to get dressed up (plus the fear of a video call from the family with New Year’s wishes). The last few years we’ve been spending New Year’s Eve at home in two anyway, because we have a dog and won’t leave our four-legged friend alone when fireworks are shooting outside the window. That day finally I got the courage, or maybe I was more motivated, to dress up for New Year’s Eve. I had been thinking about the right outfit in the past few days, but nothing came to mind, and there was no more time for shopping.


The day was filled with our driving around the stores. We are still finishing our new house, so there are a lot of things to buy. After we returned to home and unpacked our packages, I had a light rest. After that I went to the bathroom to get ready to “tune up”. In my case, it’s shaving facial hair (I cut myself terribly then) and shaving other parts of my body, such as my legs and cleavage. Then I went to the bedroom, put on my underwear and started looking through my clothes. And then the “drama” (with a wink) began. I didn’t have any dress that would be suitable for a New Year’s Eve party. I mean, I had one, but it had been used at the last photo shoot, another was used in previous photos and additionally had a stain. I wanted something new. I looked for a nice skirt, I managed to find a gray one, flared and short, but I couldn’t match the top to it. For my figure, a tight, rather dark blouse, shirt looks best, and most in my case are not like that (because I wear them en homme every day), or are, but less party-ready. There was one bodysuit that would have been suitable, but it had see-through cutouts on the shoulders, making the bra straps visible. I lost most of my enthusiasm. Resigned, I went downstairs to my wife.

Super wife

“Honey, I really don’t have anything to wear” I told my other half and outlined more or less my situation and why these and other clothes don’t fit me. She smiled and took my hand so that we could go together to choose something. She looked through the dresses in the closet and pulled out one, a maroon one: “How about this one?” I didn’t want to wear this one, because it was simple, without any embellishments, single-colored, subdued. “We can give you a shiny necklace and other accessories”. - replied the wife, gave me the dress and went to get the jewelry. I got dressed and immediately got a colorful necklace of stones. A plan popped into my head, my darling brought me a bracelet, belt, earrings and a ring, and I pulled out long black gloves. I put everything on, plus black classic stilettos, and the image of me in vintage/retro style appeared in the mirror. The evening was saved! My wife made me have a “fancy” outfit for New Year’s Eve after all. I thanked her beautifully and went to the bathroom to do my makeup.


When it came to makeup, I decided to be a little more daring. Of course, the foundation and other basic techniques remained the same, but I wanted to contour my face harder, add more blush, and, well, paint my eyes in party style. I found a beautiful golden eye makeup on the Internet and tried to “copy” it in my own way. I thought it didn’t come out so well, but my wife’s reaction said otherwise. I didn’t know exactly what lipstick to use, I really like the color pink, but it didn’t fit the styling a bit for me. However, it was New Year’s Eve, so it would be good to accent the party look with something. That is, in the end, the pink lipstick was chosen. Finally, I was also able to style my hair more, as it is getting longer. I wanted to add a nice hairpin, but, unfortunately, I was not able to find anything (we are not yet fully organised after the move).


When I finished my makeup and saw my reflection in the mirror, for the first time, I think, I liked really myself. I will immodestly say that I was successful with my makeup and the whole styling. In addition, longer hair gives a lot of good to the look. I am very happy with them. This was by far my best makeup I have done. Only the one done by a professional makeup artist was more beautiful. But, surprisingly, I’m not that far from it. This gives me even more motivation to learn, watch videos, tutorials, read articles. And most importantly, it gives me great satisfaction.

Photo session

I went downstairs and showed myself to my wife. She was very complimentary about my styling, when asked if I needed to improve anything, she replied that there was nothing to improve here. This gave me even more wings. I am overjoyed to have such a wonderful partner. Unfortunately, my gloves were not suitable for the phone, the screen was not responsive at all, so the selfie was clicked by my darling. I took some “hand-held” photos, looking for the best light, and then my wife started taking pics of me. I felt like a model, and together we searched for the best shots. A lot of photos were taken, a few are really cool, but one is downright perfect, and I’m very proud of it (the one at the beginning of the post). Whenever I look at them, I am happier at heart that I can look beautiful after all.

New Year’s Eve

And how did we spend the evening itself? Very quietly. My wife made a delicious foccacia, we also had nachos, drank wine, played on the console. At midnight we lit cold fires, watched the fireworks through the window. There was no video call thankfully, my wife called everyone without a video. We sat on the couch until probably two o’clock and went to bed. A perfect party of two introverts. I was overjoyed throughout the evening and the good mood lasted for the next few days. (Even though my perfect photo didn’t get as many “likes” on social networks. Uncharted are the algorithms of Instragram and Reddit…)