Sometimes I wonder what an ideal world would look like in my eyes. Is it a utopian vision? I think it is. Can we aspire to it? In my opinion, we even should.

I won’t dwell on political, economic or religious topics in this text, because this is not a blog about that. I will focus more on how I would like society to function. However, I know that without references to certain topics you can’t quite talk about it.

So what is my utopia in the end? I would like people to respect each other. And that’s it. So simple, and yet so unrealistic…

So, how is it currently with our society? Of course, you can’t stand out from the crowd. Do you have colored hair? They treat you frivolously. Do you have tattoos all over your body? They consider you a criminal. Holding your boyfriend’s hand while being a man? Stop promoting gayness! Go home with it! A man will wear a skirt? Freak! That’s not how it should be! Often a common epithet in such situations is: this is unnatural! It’s a pity that no one reflects on the fact that everything man has created is unnatural. And every garment we wear is unnatural, whether it’s pants or a dress.

The paradox in this situation is that nature, us biological males, equipped with sex organs on the outside. What for? To keep them cooler. And what do men do in the summer? They put on pants and pickle those poor testicles in the heat. Wearing skirts by men is much closer to nature than wearing pants. Well, but you know, a guy has to be masculine and a piece of cloth is able to take that masculinity away from him. Or pink color. Try to wear such a shirt, then you have -30 to masculinity. Then he has to catch up with something else, I’ve heard that a beard is +20, short hair +10. But you just happen to want to wear tube pants. Damn, again -30. then to compensate you go to the gym and develop a figure, then you will return to level 0. That’s how I imagine judging others on the street. And I’m probably not wrong a lot, because I often do it myself, unfortunately.

But this doesn’t only apply to men. Women have it worse. Although I have the impression that this is changing every year. There are more and more girls who don’t wear makeup on a daily basis, have tattoos on body, I see more often people with short hair. Just as in the past, it was very much demanded by society, I have the impression that it’s better now. Although pop culture all the time presents us with very artificial female representatives, whether in commercials or movies. And well, social media also have a lot for that.

It’s sad how much people judge each other. Pile it on if it was only in your mind, but how much venom there is in some of the comments in the Internet. A very sad life these online haters must have, to take it out on someone who simply looks different or behaves not according to generally accepted norms.

In conclusion, I want people to respect each other, no matter what choices they make in their lives (of course, if they don’t hurt the other person or a living being in general). That lesbians and gays should be able to show their love on the street just like heterosexual couples, without any judgment. That a man could wear a skirt or heeled shoes and just be himself. So that makeup or hairstyle is a form of self-expression regardless of gender. That no one should be afraid to go outside in what they feel best in.