###Shopping for clothes or shoes, which society believes are reserved only for women, is not easy for the man. Fortunately, we have the Internet and parcel machines, which previous generations could only dream about. What does it look like with shopping for me? And what was it like in the past?


When I still lived with my parents in an apartment, I initially picked up underwear or clothes from my mother. However, this was not the optimal solution, because we had different sizes. So I decided one day to place an order at the Marilyn online store (I’m not advertising anything, on but I’m waiting for offers :) ), I have a great fondness for this brand now. There was still no parcel machines in my neighborhood, the nearest one was a kilometer or two away from my estate. Luckily, the opportunity came that I had to drive my parents’ car somewhere that day, when the package came to the parcel machine. I picked up my box of treasures (mostly pantyhose, stockings, etc.), but I had no idea how to “smuggle” it all into my room while my parents were in the apartment. I came up with the idea of unpacking each item and hiding everything under a T-shirt without any cardboard boxes. So I stood like that under the dumpster in the car and opened the products one by one. The stress was high, but fortunately it was dark and no one was passing by. After getting rid of the unnecessary extras, I was able to pack everything under my clothes, and after I got home and pulled off my outer clothes, I quickly went to my room. And I began to look at my treasures, my first pantyhose and real stockings. The joy was overwhelming, the smell of newness was amazing. Later, I managed to order more things for the parcel machine, for example, dresses. The tactics were either similar, or I shopped when I was left alone in the apartment for a whole week. But I always put an incorrect address, so that advertising flyers wouldn’t come to my address.

Living in my own apartment

When I lived in a rented apartment it was much easier. No one knew what was in the package I was carrying to my place. Sometimes the Marilyn store used its branded tape on the boxes, but in fact I might as well have had men’s underwear inside, since it’s also in their product line. Once, a salesman even called me about women’s panties, because a particular model was out of stock, and asked if they could be different. I nodded without further questions, wanting to end the conversation as quickly as possible. But I might as well have been ordering for my partner as a gift. Once I ordered high heels, unfortunately there was no option for delivery to a parcel machine, only a courier. I was a little worried that it would show that they were stilettos, but after all, they always pack the shoes in an extra cardboard box anyway. I happened not to be at home when the delivery was made, so the package was left with the porter. When I picked it up, no one could guess what was in them, just an ordinary cardboard box. Living alone had a lot of its advantages. However, at that time I still did not dare to buy anything in a stationary store. “Well, because what will people think?”

Living with a partner

The beginnings of shopping with my lover were not easy at first. I preferred to buy my things online all the time. Fortunately, I didn’t have to hide anything from her. She always prefers to try on before buying, I was afraid. When she bought pantyhose, for example, I tended to stand next to her, seemingly uninterested, but discreetly asked her for one pair for me. I would whisper what size and color. Now, in retrospect, it seems ridiculous to me, but back then I was still afraid. Currently, I have no problem buying myself women’s underwear when I do my weekly shopping at Carrefour. I look for what I need on the shelf and throw it in the cart. It is known, there is a light stress, but with each such activity it is easier for me. When it comes to clothes, it’s often the case that my wife, and I walk around the store together and pick up various products to try on. I’m happy to help her with this, and sometimes I find something cool for her and, on occasion, for me. Once we even bought the same floral shirt. Normally we go into the changing room together and try on clothes. The ones we like we buy, and the ones that don’t fit we return to the hanger. It’s fun to shop in second hand stores. You can find really interesting gems there for a low price. Well, and we don’t contribute to the production of new junk. As has been written here before, I also already try on shoes in the store. Recently I tried on in Deichmann quite nice pumps, unfortunately the size did not fit. But I think the most pleasant thing is shopping en femme. I feel that I am where I should be with the right expression. It happened to me once and I will never forget it. I bought a pretty pink skirt at Reserved, it was even made of cotton, which rarely happens in chain stores. The stress was high at the checkout, my voice certainly gave me away, but the gentleman serving me did not react in any special way, I was just another customer (or client). I need to repeat such shopping someday, but lately I have an aversion to chain stores, because of what they do to our planet, how much garbage they produce…

And what ways do you have of shopping for clothes, shoes that you like? Only the Internet, or do you have the courage to try them on in person in a store? En femme or as a man? I am curious about your stories.