What are the positive aspects of cross-dressing? Are there any at all? As much as possible! I am able to notice several things that I think help my wife. If I were a typical alpha male, my other half could probably forget about them.

Domestic duties

I guess there are few people who enjoy ironing, cleaning or vacuuming. Also, cooking can be a torment for many. Fortunately, not for me. A good way to like these activities is to associate them with something pleasant. For some it’s listening to music, for me it’s wearing a dress. In the past, when I was living alone, wearing dresses mainly involved sitting in front of a computer. I didn’t yet have the courage to go outside, I didn’t meet friends en femme. So then I thought, why not combine household chores with cross-dressing? At least I’d be motivated to walk around in a skirt or heeled shoes a little more than just to the bathroom and back. And so it has stayed with me. Ironing or cleaning is much more pleasant, in my case, in a dress. And also sometimes you can put on a little black dress, white apron and act as a French Maid…

Shared clothes, cosmetics

When one day I realized that my other half had a similar shoe size to me, I was in awe. It meant to me that I would be able to borrow shoes from her without any problems. Luckily I have a very small foot size for a man, 39, but quite normal for a woman. My other measurements are also similar to my wife’s. As a result, we exchange not only shoes, but also pants and skirts. It’s worse with dresses and blouses, because my shoulders are a bit broader, but there is one red dress that we both can wear. It’s an amazing feeling when my other half can borrow something from me and look good in it. This way she has a lot more options in her closet. And I can’t complain either. It’s the same with cosmetics. In this aspect we also exchange, sometimes my wife will borrow a lipstick from me, sometimes I will use her eyeliner. I don’t own too many typically male cosmetics, we share shower gel or shampoo. I don’t need “for men” or “3-in-1” (for body, face and hair). I prefer the more floral scents of creams or soaps. With that, we can save some space in the bathroom and have a wider selection of makeup accessories.

Fashion advice

It seems to me that there are few men who can advise their other half on shopping, especially for clothes. This is not the case with cross-dressers. In our relationship, I would be the one more likely to go shopping. My wife doesn’t quite like to go around the stores and look for something that fits her. And often these clothes are unfortunately artificial, and we quickly get discouraged. But once we find the right place, I’m always happy to help her choose clothes, suggest what fits well, look for cool things. I am no longer ashamed to browse through women’s clothes in the store, and sometimes I find something interesting, too. Some time ago we bought each other the same blouses/shirts, couple goals! However, I always have some limitations in the back of my mind, so as not to spend too much money. If I could, I would buy a lot of clothes, for myself and for my wife. But I know that shopaholism is not good for us and for the environment, so I try to limit myself.


Something that is hard to put into words. The moment my wife (then still a girlfriend) accepted my other side became one of the best moments in my life. I never imagined that someone could accept it so well. I had read too many negative stories on the Internet. But with every message written to me from other crossdressers, I realize that there are very many couples where “crossdressing” is accepted and husbands are supported. I can’t describe how grateful I am to my wife for accepting me, supporting me. My love for her is immense, and I want to give her as much love as I can. Of course, not only because she allows me to be myself, she has thousands of other good things in her, but the acceptance of my other self is awesome.