The penultimate day of 2023 will be remembered for a long time. The first visit en femme to the hairdresser and the first meeting with parents in a more beautiful version. And a walk in the woods in a skirt. A very successful end to the year.


The last time I had a haircut was over fourteen months ago. A long time, but thanks to that, they grew to a satisfactory length. I couldn’t bring myself to schedule an appointment because I didn’t want a men’s haircut. My friends advised me to go to a trans-friendly place, a welcoming place where I could be myself and have a women’s haircut. My wife also hadn’t been to the hairdresser for a long time, so we decided to go together.

I found the place in Gdańsk by browsing a Discord server for transgender people. There was one positive comment. Also, the reviews on Google were very good. My wife called and scheduled us for the penultimate day of December at 10 a.m. She also asked if it would be okay if her husband came in the feminine version. The lady on the phone said there was no problem.

I had never put on makeup so early in the morning. Even though it was a Saturday, we got up fairly early, had breakfast, and started getting ready. My wife also wanted a full makeup so that we wouldn’t look too different. Surprisingly, everything went smoothly, and we left home on time. It’s not that obvious when two women are getting ready to go out. Unfortunately, we used to be late in the past because of it. But not this time. Of course, there was stress, but I feel like I can handle it better now, and my body didn’t react as strongly with stomach pain. There was a lady smoking a cigarette next to the entrance to the salon, watching me closely. I wonder if it was because I was quite dressed up (high-heeled boots, skirt, coat) or if she was trying to guess if I was a man or a woman. I avoided her gaze, although later I thought I could have smiled friendly in her direction. I wonder how she would have reacted.

When we entered the salon, we were greeted and asked if we wanted something to drink. The lady assisting us used feminine pronouns towards me. I felt accepted, even though my voice probably gave me away. But I didn’t try to forcefully raise it to avoid looking grotesque and artificial. We had to wait for our turn for about five minutes. In the meantime, we got some coffee. When the hairdresser came to us, we decided that I would go first. I didn’t know exactly what kind of hairstyle I wanted, so I asked for advice. The lady was very nice and helpful, addressing me with feminine pronouns. I was a bit shy, lacked courage, but over time, I became more comfortable. We weren’t the only customers at that time, but no one paid special attention to us.

As I sat in the chair and looked at my reflection, I was overjoyed. Finally, I didn’t envy other women who could wear nice shoes, dresses, or eye makeup. I liked myself, and I felt fulfilled. The thought crossed my mind, “Life is beautiful.” The hairdresser spent almost an hour on my hair. She praised their color and was surprised that they looked so good after using a lightener instead of dye. I am deeply grateful to Mother Nature for blessing me with thick and strong hair. The end result was amazing. I managed to take a selfie while my wife was in the chair with the same hairdresser. You can see the photo at the beginning of the post. When my wife also had her hair done, we headed back home. And there, my parents were waiting for us…

Return home

Was I nervous? Maybe a bit. Certainly less than before the visit to the hair salon. I knew that my parents accepted me; my mom read the blog, I often showed pictures. But they had never seen me in person. And the opportunity was perfect because I had just had my hair done. Earlier, my mom suggested meeting somewhere by the sea, but the weather was not very inviting, and I preferred to have this first time at home.

We pulled into the garage and entered the house. My parents were already waiting for us. What was their reaction? It’s hard for me to even call it a reaction; the closest thing is the word “normal.” Mom and dad smiled, praised my appearance and my hair, we hugged, and that was it. I was treated as usual. My mom said she now has two daughters. They referred to me with male pronouns and my male name. I had no problem with that. I didn’t force a change. Similarly, my wife addresses me with those pronouns at home. Because, in reality, I don’t care about pronouns; I like my name given by my parents, and I don’t see a contradiction in that. However, when we go out among people, I want my wife to call me Sonia so as not to confuse people too much. After all, it’s a complicated topic, and each person is different.

Returning to the meeting with my parents, as I mentioned earlier, everything went normally. We had lunch, and we decided to go for a walk. I didn’t want to walk around our neighborhood; it’s full of mud, and rubber boots or trekking shoes wouldn’t fit my style, and I didn’t want to ruin others. So we decided to go to the forest. Instead of high-heeled boots, I wore flat shoes; the skirt stayed. I put on more layers on top and a nice coat. I wore cotton knee-high socks over thin tights to stay warmer. And for the first time, I went for a walk in the forest en femme, in a skirt. A very nice feeling, and luckily, it wasn’t too cold. We didn’t meet anyone along the way; as I mentioned earlier, the weather didn’t encourage walking, so there were only four of us with the dog. It was a very pleasant time.

Later, we returned home, played board games, and spent a pleasant evening with the family. At the end of the day, I could see stubble coming out from under the makeup. It grows so fast for me; I feel like I would have to shave and apply foundation again if we were going somewhere in the evening. It’s frustrating, and that’s why I signed up for laser hair removal. I hope the results will be satisfactory.

New Year’s Eve

On the second day, it was New Year’s Eve. I didn’t wear makeup; I was in the male version. We didn’t go anywhere for a party or to a club. We all prefer peace and a family atmosphere. So we spent the last day of the year together in our home. At some point, in the evening, my wife noticed a hole in my pants. I wanted to sew it up right away, so I took the opportunity and put on a skirt. The reaction of my parents was normal again. I think they felt comfortable around me. I welcomed the new year half and half. It was much more comfortable in a skirt, and I felt more like myself.


I will remember the last days of 2023 for a long time. A visit to the hair salon as Sonia was an unforgettable experience. Showing up in the en femme version to my parents for the first time will also be well remembered. Being myself all day among the closest people - something beautiful. I wish you all similar experiences in the New Year and the fulfillment of all your deepest dreams!