Often on the internet, one can find statements from people who present their goals for the upcoming year. I also have a few resolutions and have started to slowly implement them. This post will be the perfect opportunity to share them with you.

Laser Hair Removal

My hair on my head is thick, strong, and there’s a lot of it. These are desirable traits for that part of the body. Many people envy them, and I often receive compliments. It’s a pity that I can’t share them, for example, with my wife, so we both could have strong and dense hair. I love them and appreciate from the bottom of my heart this gift from mother nature. Every time I look in the mirror and see their volume, a smile appears on my face involuntarily.

However, there is a flip side to this. Thick, strong hair in large amounts appears all over my body, and it is very frustrating. While I can manage it on my legs, daily shaving of my chest, arms, and back is out of the question. It’s very time-consuming and irritates the skin, often causing ingrown hairs. The feeling of smooth skin on my legs is very satisfying and pleasant for me. Hairy body parts, in my opinion, are repulsive. That’s why I want to get rid of all unwanted hair. The worst is facial hair, even immediately after shaving it is visible. Although the skin is smooth, I still have to use a lot of orange concealer under the foundation. And despite these treatments, I can still notice it in photos. Not to mention the situation when I shave in the morning, apply makeup, and by evening I can already see facial hair growing so quickly.

I decided to opt for laser hair removal. It’s not the cheapest procedure, but I believe it will be the best for me. Currently, I am after two treatments, one for my legs, one for my face, and I already see a big difference. I don’t have to shave my legs as often, and the facial hair is less visible. Of course, many more salon visits await me, sometimes even ten treatments for a given body part in the case of men, but I am ready, despite the pain. As for the legs, the pain wasn’t very big, but on the face, it was quite challenging. I have sensitive skin, but I think it’s worth it and I will continue.

I once tried to remove hair from my legs with a home IPL laser. In my case, it hardly worked at all. It was more effective on my wife. An epilator, which plucks hair, is very painful but more effective. Unfortunately, it causes ingrown hairs and peeling doesn’t always help. Indeed, the hair becomes finer with regular use, but it’s not a permanent method. Laser hair removal will also not remove hair forever, due to our biology (it’s in our genes to have hair on our skin), so every two to three years one goes for reminder treatments. Fortunately, it’s not ten anymore, rather three are enough. If I ever decided to go for hormonal therapy, by limiting the action of testosterone, there would be less hair on the body and it would be weaker. But I don’t plan on it in the near future.

Voice Feminization

Even when I’m in male form, people sometimes address me as “madam” when they see me from a distance. Misgendering (using the incorrect gender form) is often frustrating and unwelcome, but in this case, it brings me considerable pleasure. It turns out I look quite feminine without makeup (or with light makeup). When I fully apply makeup, I feel more confident because of it. Unfortunately, this confidence drops drastically when I speak. I’ve never worked on my voice; it’s quite low, masculine. I often speak indistinctly, quietly, carelessly, distorting endings. At the urging of my wife, but also of my own will, I signed up for voice feminization lessons.

I found a voice teacher who not only specializes in feminization but also in improving pronunciation and singing lessons. Already in the first lesson, I received an analysis of my voice, what is wrong with it. Before I start learning voice feminization, I have to “fix” my male voice. This involves many speech apparatus exercises. Some are very interesting and inventive. I feel they work because I have “muscle soreness” in my face muscles. I don’t know how long it will take me, but I am positively minded and highly motivated. And I want to practice a lot. We’ll see if I can achieve this goal by the end of the year, or if it will take longer. I know it’s not easy and requires a lot of perseverance.

As for the teacher, Ania, I can wholeheartedly recommend her. This is her website: akademia-spiewu.pl. I enjoy working with her very much; she is an open-minded, positively oriented, tolerant person with extensive knowledge. I found her through a recommendation, so I’m passing it on. Recently she published a voice feminization course: kurs.feminizacjaglosu.pl. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet, I’m currently taking individual lessons. This is a video course, so you can practice on your own. I recommend checking out the website and seeing if it’s something that could help you. In my opinion, this is a product that was missing in the Polish market.


We’ve had a sewing machine at home for a long time. My wife sometimes uses it for light clothing alterations, once sewed an apron for the kitchen and a pillowcase. However, she hasn’t gotten deeply into tailoring, which can be very time-consuming. Additionally, she has less time at home than me (commutes to work, other private duties), so several clothes have been waiting in line for alterations for a few months. So I decided to take care of it myself and asked my wife to teach me. She showed me how to use the machine, a bit of theory, practical tips, and I started sewing. While it seemed very complicated from the sidelines, when I sat down and started sewing, I found it very enjoyable and satisfying. I really like all kinds of work where the results are quickly visible and I create something cool, and tailoring fulfills all of that.

Initially, I did very well, sewing a simple shopping bag. I was pleased with myself for doing so smoothly. Then I took on narrowing pants and it wasn’t as good. I made the legs a bit too narrow, so I wanted to unpick and sew them again. Unfortunately, the stitch was very “tight” and I couldn’t remove the thread without damaging the material. The pants were a loss. I learned a lot from this and don’t feel guilty that it didn’t work out and I wasn’t discouraged. Later, I made alterations to other clothes, such as enlarging pockets in other pants. That’s how it is when you buy women’s pants and want to wear them every day, but your phone doesn’t fit.

Recently we bought some materials and accessories for the machine. The goal for this year is to sew a skirt for myself. I have the patterns, the enthusiasm, time, and space. I hope to be able to show the results in the near future. My wife also ordered a skirt for herself. We’ll see how I do. Before that, I want to further educate myself, planning to learn how to sew zippers, narrow a dress at the waist, and sew a pillowcase. I think then I’ll be ready to start seriously with clothes. And I have plenty of ideas in my head of what I’d like to sew. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


These are my three goals for this year. I hope nothing will stand in my way of achieving them. I want to dedicate the coming months to myself, to improve my mental well-being. Of course, this doesn’t mean that I will spend less time with my wife. We recently bought a camera, a DSLR. She’s caught the bug! There will be more good photos on the blog :)