I understand the world around me much better now. Many men are unaware of what it means to be a woman in today’s society. I, too, haven’t explored all aspects, in fact, most of them remain unknown to me. But there are a few things that have given me a broader perspective.

I have nothing to wear.

If you’re a man living in the 21st century, it’s relatively easy when it comes to clothes and shoes. Essentially, you need a few T-shirts, simple pants, everyday sneakers. If you want to go on a date, just wear a shirt, and you’re considered more elegant. Add a jacket and dress shoes, and you’re seen as someone with a good sense of dressing. You don’t have major issues with colors or cuts because everything is quite similar and fits. For important events, one suit is enough; no one will look at you askance if you wear the same outfit to the third party in a row. Change the tie, and it’s different. In essence, you don’t have much room for maneuver.

However, entering the women’s section in a clothing store might make your head spin with the quantity and variety of clothes. Different cuts, colors, and materials allow you to express yourself in a million ways. Not to mention jewelry, handbags, shoes (heels, flats, high, low, thousands of colors), or hairstyles. But there’s also the other side of the coin. Not everything matches, and sometimes it feels like nothing goes together. You like a skirt, buy it on impulse, get home, and realize you have no matching blouse. Later, you discover none of your shoes go with it, so you want new ones. And for new shoes, it’s good to have a matching handbag. Buying one skirt leads to spending more money, and that’s how it goes in the world of fashion. I completely understand the statement: “Honey, I have nothing to wear,” uttered by a partner staring into a closet full of clothes.

Creating a wardrobe where individual pieces match is very difficult and requires proper planning. I recently realized I’m doing quite well at it, but I often find myself in a situation where, having chosen the clothes, I don’t know which shoes to wear. Or which scarf will match. Or if certain earrings won’t be too eye-catching. It’s good to plan well in advance what to wear for a specific outing to avoid later stress.

When it comes to various events, women are expected not to wear the same dress to two consecutive occasions. So you have to remember that in this social circle, you wore that dress, so now you must wear a different one. And a different one for a family gathering. And yet another for a night out at the club. Where does this come from? Probably from show business. Celebrities wear a different outfit for every event, wanting to stand out and shine on the red carpet. And we want to be like those famous people. Or maybe we just don’t want to hear unpleasant comments from family and friends. It’s a shame that our planet suffers due to the fashion industry and excessive consumerism.

“Honey, hurry up, we’re late.”

How many times on the internet can you see pictures or videos where the man is ready to go almost immediately, while the wife is still doing her makeup? I don’t quite understand why this is a joking matter. I mean, as a society, we expect the fairer sex to be beautiful, don’t we? Smooth legs, nice makeup, beautiful hairstyle. So why do we get annoyed when they try to meet these expectations?

Now I know exactly how long it takes to apply makeup, style hair, paint nails, and groom the body. I sincerely admire women who have a full face of makeup or painted nails every day. It’s a significant effort, at least for me, to wake up earlier in the morning and “beautify” myself. And I also know how costly it can be: manicures, pedicures, eyebrow shaping, laser hair removal, and other cosmetic procedures can seriously dent the household budget.

“Honey, come faster, we’re running late.”

“I can’t,” the husband would probably hear, urging his wife who, to meet societal expectations, put on high heels. I think everyone knows that high-heeled shoes can be uncomfortable. At least I hope so. But at the same time, they are an inherent symbol of femininity. In this case, too, I admire women who can walk in heels all day. The question is how much of it is their choice and how much is pressure from society, the fashion industry, or their partner. Unfortunately, they may regret it later in life; joint problems, varicose veins, bunions often appear.

I personally love high-heeled shoes and wear them whenever I can. But I also understand the cost at the end of the day: painful feet, fatigue, the possibility of tripping on uneven sidewalks, especially on “cat’s heads” in an old town. However, I always feel satisfaction that I managed it and never regret it despite the pain. I love heels, I love high-heeled shoes, and I have no intention of giving them up. But I perfectly understand women who prefer to wear flat shoes.

You can’t find anything in this purse.

But at the same time: “Can you put the keys in your purse?” or “Do you have tissues?” We often joke that a woman’s purse is like a bottomless pit, and nothing can be found in it. However, it is a very practical and essentially convenient thing. I can confidently say that carrying a purse is better than having stuffed pockets in pants. We don’t always wear jackets or blazers; in summer, it’s often just shorts and a T-shirt. The fashion industry cleverly coerced women into buying purses due to the lack of pockets (or the presence of microscopic ones) in pants, skirts, and dresses. This leads them to spend more money on additional accessories.

But I’ve recently noticed a trend where many men also carry bags today, like fanny packs or messenger bags. It’s an interesting trend that, hopefully, will make partners less burdened with keys and other belongings of their husbands. At least, I hope so.


These are basically just four threads that I managed to touch upon. I haven’t mentioned that pencil skirts limit movement, washing long hair is more time-consuming, a “run” in pantyhose is irritating, or that a large bust can cause back pain, among many other things. Perhaps there will be time for that in the future.