Not so long ago I presented on the blog my dreams that I would like to fulfill being en femme. And it turns out that the devil is not as terrible as he is painted. I managed to go with my wife to the cinema as Sonia, earlier drinking coffee at the mall. It was a wonderful evening.


It all started when we came up with the idea of going to the cinema. Actually, it came more out of my wife’s initiative. I, instead of the normal “chciałbym” I wrote: “chciałabym” in Telegram (in Polish the first word is used by men, and the second one by women), taking the first step towards fulfilling my small dream. Fortunately, my lover didn’t object that day and I think we were both slowly preparing for the event.

When the day came, Monday, I was already thinking about the evening out. I had already imagination of my outfit and makeup in my head. Unfortunately, I couldn’t put on the makeup much earlier because I sweat a lot on hot days lately. Fortunately, the weather wasn’t supposed to be hot. When I finished work (I work from home), and my wife returned to the apartment, I hadn’t started my transformation yet. I was waiting for it to cool down a little bit. I heard a question from my wify if I was sure I wanted to come out as Sonia. My other half was more nervous than I was. I was sure of my decision, I wanted to do it and I already had experience from going to the mall. And of course we should wear masks, so half of my face is covered anyway.

After some time I finally started doing my makeup. Thanks to a kit that my wife gave me as a present, it went quite smoothly and quickly. I was wearing a short dress, ballerinas, a wig, a hairband and some jewelry. Together we were ready to go out to the gallery. I could still see a slight doubt in my wife’s eyes, but there was no turning back. I wasn’t nervous, which rarely happens in my life.

Main event

We drove the car, parked in the underground garage and entered the mall. Unfortunately, we couldn’t hold hands (we didn’t want to cause unnecessary sensation) but, what surprised me, we started to talk normally while walking to the café. I thought that we would walk in silence, so that my voice would not betray me, but I could already see that my wife is freer and more confident. Of course, she was the one who ordered the coffee for us, she said that it wasn’t time yet for me to order something by myself. I sat down and waited for my darling. I pulled off my mask and enjoyed the moment. I even managed to take a photo, though not the best quality. I watched people walking around the gallery or sitting near me. Nobody paid any attention to me. And I tried to sit like a woman, upright and smiling. It was wonderful. When my wife brought the coffees, we started talking normally. Well, almost. I spoke a little quieter. We didn’t have a lot of time, so both cappuccinos were drunk fairly quickly and we set off towards the cinema.

We had already bought the tickets online, but we still wanted popcorn. My wife took care of everything at the box office, I was standing next to her. Well, almost everything. In the end I was the one who paid for the food, with my phone through the terminal, so there wasn’t much interaction with the cashier. I wonder if he noticed anything? Probably not much anyway, considering I was wearing a mask. It was still light when we entered the cinema hall. We had a seat in the last row, on double seats. Very cool solution for couples. People were slowly coming in, but there weren’t too many of them. I don’t know if anyone paid attention to me (I didn’t have my mask on anymore). My wife said that one girl was looking at us, but we don’t know anything more. The seance itself was pleasant, I enjoyed the moment and the possibility of cuddling with my wife. It was a wonderful evening.

I would almost forget. We were at the movie “Black Widow”, which is, a woman’s movie. At least that’s what it’s made out to be. The show itself was fun, but you have to turn a blind eye to a lot of different situations to have a good time with it. What always wonder me about these types of movies is when do the main characters have time to put on the makeup before a fight? And what do they use for their hair that it doesn’t bother them?